Couples Counseling

This process includes assessment of relationship goals, communication styles, and ways that couples manage conflict. I believe that it is often not the subject of the argument; however, it is how you treat each other during the argument that is most important.


Counseling is used to troubleshoot the patterns of thinking and behavior that cause conflict. This is done by learning new communication skills, setting realistic expectations, and searching for the deepest understanding of each partner. New patterns of behavior and clear, open communication can often lead towards a more satisfying relationship. We work together to attain this goal.

I work with couples in strengthening the foundation of their relationship. I believe the ultimate goal within the relationship is emotional safety. Emotional safety can be defined as: each partner feeling heard, validated, empathized with, respected and loved by the other. Together we will work to strengthen this emotional safety within the relationship.

Possible goals to be attained in couples counseling:

  • Learn healthy communication skills and conflict de-escalation techniques
  • Identify and disrupt negative cycles occurring in the relationship
  • Explore and work through built-up resentments
  • Heal from partner infidelity
  • Increase relationship intimacy
  • Clarify individual and relationship goals