Individual Counseling

You may wonder if your problem is serious enough to require a therapist’s help. You are not alone in feeling that way. We can talk about this when you come in. We will define your problem, explore the resolution you hope to find, and work out a game plan towards getting better and living better.


Some of the issues that bring people to my office are: depression, anxiety, relationship problems, work problems, unhappiness with self or life, “the blahs,” feeling stuck, feeling used, just not feeling “right.”

I’ll listen, ask questions, and help you explore the origins of your problem and possible solutions. When the roots of a problem are deeply embedded, I may suggest ongoing therapy. When the problem is specific and recent in nature, I may suggest a few sessions for you to get a firm grasp on it and make necessary changes.

It’s important to know that if you are thinking about getting help, then you should pursue counseling. Please call.